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Definition: adj. dealing with matters with regard to their practical requirements or consequences.
Synonyms: matter-of-fact, pragmatical
Etymology: LL pragmaticus f. Gk pragmatikos f. pragma -matos deed (more...)

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A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.
by John Barrymore

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Walter de Stapledon

Walter de Stapledon (or Stapeldon) (1 February 1261 – 15 October 1326), English bishop, was born at Annery in North Devon.

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TEACHER: What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? PUPILS: A teacher.

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Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

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481 – Vandal king Huneric organises a conference between Catholic and Arian bishops at Carthage.

Biography of the day  

Mayme Agnew

Mayme Agnew Clayton (August 4, 1923 - October 13, 2006) was a librarian, and the Founder, President & Spiritual Leader of the Western States Black Research and Education Center (WSBREC), the largest privately held collection of African-American historical materials in the world. The collection represents the core holdings of the Mayme A. Clayton Library Museum and Cultural Center (MCL) located in Culver City, California. collection is considered one of the most important for African-American materials. Her collecting grew from her work as a librarian, first at the University of Southern California and later at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she began to build an African-American collection. Clayton, an avid golfer, traveled for her sport, trolling for rare finds wherever she went. The centerpiece of the collection that grew this way is a signed copy of Phillis Wheatley?s Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, from 1773. First published by an American of African descent, the book was acquired for $600 from a New York dealer in 1973. In 2002 it was appraised at $30,000.

Article of the day  

Przevalski's nuthatch

Przevalski's nuthatch (Sitta przewalskii) is a bird species in the family Sittidae. Long regarded as a subspecies of the white-cheeked nuthatch (Sitta leucopsis), it nevertheless differs significantly in morphology and vocalizations. It is a medium-sized nuthatch, measuring about in length. Its upper body is a dark gray-blue. The cheeks and throat are a white buff-orange, turning to a rich cinnamon on the underparts. The bird is endemic to areas in southeastern Tibet and west central China, inhabiting coniferous mountain forests. The species was first described in 1891 from a specimen collected in China's Haidong Prefecture. The name commemorates the Russian explorer Nikolaï Prjevalski, who discovered the species in 1884. Little is known about its ecology. It was awarded the rank of full species in 2005, separating it from the white-cheeked nuthatch. As of 2014, S. przewalskii does not have a full threat-status evaluation by BirdLife International or the IUCN. A 2014 phylogenetic study found the species to be at the base of the nuthatch evolutionary tree, dispelling a hypothesis that S. przewalskii could belong to the same species as S. carolinensis.

Did you know

  • that American Sociological Association's annual award in the sociology of education is named after Willard Waller?
  • that the efforts of the 12th-century Anglo-Norman nobleman Josce de Dinan to defend Ludlow Castle form the background to the medieval work Fouke le Fitz Waryn?
  • that Dove's Evolution is the first entry to win two Grand Prix awards at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival?
  • that Tanums store rettskrivningsordbok, the dictionary of choice for solvers and makers of Norwegian crossword puzzles, was edited by Marius Sandvei for more than five decades?